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Pics for Mama in Another Country

May 31, 2013


Soon … Very Soon

May 22, 2013

I’ll be moving to a new blog: Leaping into Learning.

I’ve been pondering this for a long while. At least one of our children has expressed he doesn’t want to be on the blog anymore. He has given me his approval though for me to continue documenting school-related posts as long as his face isn’t shown or his name used. I get that. He is a teenager after all.

And really, with all the crazies in the world, I just don’t want to deal with the worry over it all. I have been combing through posts after I imported some from my original blog (savvy wordpress tool that importer is!). The posts are a lot the same from the “Homeschool Happenings” category, but some photos have been removed and names are being changed.

For those who have been around a long while, the names will be almost the same as before. I made one minor change to one: Li’l Dude is now Li’l Bro. Everyone else is the same: Curly, Larry, Mo, Li’l Bro, Li’l Miss and Li’l Bit.

I will eventually make Room for at Least One More private as it will be solely for me to chronicle our daily life in the hopes of printing annual family scrapbooks. In the meantime, I’ll leave it up for awhile so that regular readers will see this forwarding address!

I will mostly share on that blog about our educational pursuits, but since we learn at home and as a family that will often involve outdoor spaces, playful learning, trips along the path of life and a lot in-between. I hope many of you will join me at the NEW blog! And let me know what you think about it. I’ve been designing it for a few days. I am slowly adding sidebar widgets and links from this site that I feel are useful for those who educate (which is pretty much any of us who have children in our lives in one capacity or another!). Happy {new} trails!

Sunday Snapshot: {Progress!}

May 20, 2013

It was great this morning to ALL go back to church TOGETHER. It has been many weeks since we all went together. Sallie Fushan (this is her new request–to be called both her given name by us and her Chinese name:)) wanted so badly to go to her small group class. :( Sweet girl! Just a few more weeks. She has not been to it since last August. She is so ready, and we are so thankful looking back that her surgery took place at this time of year, because the cooties will be a lot less prevalent!

Well, as for progress, it continues to be made on our “new” house. Wow, who knew renovating a 37-year-old house with 6 kids in our midst would be difficult?! :D Thankfully, they are *mostly* helpful and on this particular Sunday afternoon, they were very much so. While some of us put up studs in the basement in preparation for drywall hanging, others packed … well, sort of, they packed.

These first few pics are just snapshots from earlier in the week.


A couple of people eating really FRESH fish!



Basement stud walls are going up!


Above and below we have Joel’s room. He is quite excited about having his OWN room! He has never had a room of his own.



Closets between the two. Not sure you can tell but there they are!


And then Jonah’s room below.



Their rooms are roughly 13.5 x 16 feet. Not a bad size, but they look small in this massive space. I measured off the larger living area and it is roughly 47 feet x 29 feet. This is nearly larger than our first house. We never imagined we would have this much space, and with some sweat equity we hope to have a finished space for the whole family to enjoy for years to come!

This is just a pic I snapped outside our camper front door! I love it!


Yes, I used a circular saw all afternoon. The Prez, Joel and I put up 38 studs at 16 inches apart along the long wall of the living space in the basement. You can see most of them there in the second picture.



And here is a little shed that I have no idea what we’ll do with. Isn’t it cute?


And finally, I leave you with our “other” rooster. He is quite lonely at the moment, but that is all about to change when Mr. Squawks and the 20 ladies show up! He is quite modest by the way, not really wanting his picture taken.


Ni Hao Yall

Boxes, Boards (as in Hardwood) and Bins, Oh My!

May 16, 2013

The packing has commenced in earnest. We have lived in our current home for 12+ years. When we moved here, we had one son. He was 2! Now, we have six children ages 14, 13, 10, 7, 7 and 3! We’ve downsized in the S.T.U.F.F. department, BUT there are eight of us and well … it is just a lot.


All of our books are finally packed. I think we have more than 20 tubs of books of various kinds. Very thankful for our books, but wowza. We will be taking these boxes to our new home in the next week hopefully. We’ll empty them on the new built-ins *hopefully* and bring the plastic bins back here for more packing.

Speaking of bins and boxes, the Prez ordered some cardboard boxes much to my chagrin. It is just that we have a {slight} problem at our *new* home: brown recluse spiders. Read more…

Happy Mother’s Day 2013

May 12, 2013


Hope everyone reading has enjoyed a beautiful Sunday. Here it is sunny and clear, blue skies!

I got the honor of cleaning the only working bath this morning. Remember all the workers we have had in and out of our house? It was a humbling experience. No photos, which I assure you is a good thing.

Before our creek walk, I worked on a project as I watched our four youngest play “castles, knights, firemen and princesses.” :) It was an answer to prayer to see the four of them truly enjoying, imagining and playing together. Read more…

Our Dancer: Spring Recital 2013

May 11, 2013

Our sweet 7-year-old loves to dance, and she has soared in ballet! She was so excited to be given a lead role in her recital performance, which took place today! She was asked to be one of two girls who led a line of dancers onto the stage. The timing needed to be perfect, and she did it perfectly!

She was excited to have her whole family there as well as all of her grandparents. They were all excited (well, mostly the brothers were) to be there and equally excited to see how organized the recital was as there were 22 dances! It all went off without a hitch though!

They do not allow photography or video during the actual performances, which I loved, but we were encouraged to bring our cameras to the dress rehearsal so most of these photos are actually from the dress rehearsal earlier this week. The studio is a ministry of a nearby church, and this was our first year to attend this program though S has taken ballet for 3 years now. It was a great move for her, and the setting outside made for some great shots of our ballerina! *I will be taking this post to password after a short time due to the nature of these photos, and my fear of the crazies in cyberspace.*

During the Dance (I was concentrating mostly on the video so these pics are not great at all, plus the lighting was an issue for this very novice photographer! She still shines though!)


DSC_2944 Read more…

I Might Have a New Love

May 10, 2013

Well not really, but I do LOVE our built-in cabinets and they aren’t even finished! The piles of boxes of books in our dining room turned schoolroom turned big mess might have something to do with my new love. I opened the door today to see this in progress!


Seriously. I do love books. And I do love these bookshelves and cabinets and HUGE bench seating area with shelf space underneath. Read more…


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